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The product description

 New type “One-step method” LCT

 Centrifugal sedimentation type liquid thin prep cell sectioning method

 Gradient centrifugal method is adopted to extract cells and diagnostic compositions, and at the same time impurities in samples can be separated and eliminated. By the utilization of mechanics principles, cells will sedimente on slide uniformly, and form one-layer of flat super-thin cell sheet, the possibility of missed diagnosis is lowed dramatically.

 Performance characteristics

Easy sectioning plus fast speed, the operation of many samples can be finished by one step with high cost-effective.

High quantity of cells plus high value diagnosis, losing cells and white slice phenomenon are prevented.

Reagent has strong sterilization ability and can eliminate red cells, grume and other impurities effectively.

Filtration device is equipped, sample leavings can be filtrated automatically.

Ultra-silent operating design plus stable operation, machine body has strong ability of corrosion-resistance.

Special sectioning rotating plate which has gone through treatments of special material, gradient, angle design and dynamic balance test is adopted. The sectioning result of this machine can strand out from similar products, cells distribution density is extremely uniform.