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The product description

Membrane type thin prep cytologic test automatic sectioning method (TCT)

 Performance characteristics

Multi-mode choices: Sectioning of cervical exfoliated cells, chest ascites, trachea washing solution, sputamentum and other liquid medium cells can be carried out.

Big LED screen displays the whole operation process synchronously.

During the transfer, automatic balancing repairing function will be added on membrane surface, cells with pathological changes won’t be skipped.

Magnetic suspension is adopted to treat sample cells automatically, sample uniformity and cells collection are done synchronously.

Thin cell smears are distributed uniformly. Grume, red cells and other impurities can be eliminated effectively. Thus diagnosis cells can be collected completely and reading smears can be seen clearly.

Reference point intelligent parameters of each slices can be pre-adjusted openly, it’s convenient for different mode design according to the difference among samples in order to get the best results