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Fast Tissue Processor

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The product description

Fast Tissue Processor

This machine applies ultrasonic technology, which makes histiocyte of biosample and solvent medium crinkle spread synchronically with high-speed concussion so that the moisture in bio-tissue can be replaced by organic solvent easily and save time greatly. The time-saved, labor-saved and reagent-saved equipment can complete the whole process including fixation, dehydration, transparency, waxdip and embedment ?on bio-tissue within 20 minutes. It increases hospitals�� benefits and is the preferred equipment for rapid diagnosis in clinic pathology. It is also widely used for treating with biosample slice in medical college, quarantine of animals and plants and legal medical inspection departments.

 TC-121IV LCD Chinese menu operation

 Four holes and three probes. Processing easily and conveniently.

 Meeting the demands of processing a batch of samples.

TC-1 21II Can meet the demands of high-speed Paraffin Section Microtome with small investments and fast revenues