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Automatic Stainer

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The product description

 Automatic Stainer

TR-180 the living creatures organization full-automatic dyeing machine is a necessary instrument for a well-equipped section treatment equipment. With advanced design, powerful function, convienient usage ,safe and reliable performance, it can avoid the difference on dyeing by hand effectively to enhance the quality of sections. Adopting new generation environmental protection concepts, dual cleaning function and a medium material by the light touching to anticipate live to absorb all seals completely inside filter circularly, insure staff's’ health . It is one of equipments that get the grade in the judgment of the second class hospitals.

Built-in latest baking sheet patented technology ,each slide for drying after washing treatment ensure that all cylinders reagent purity reagents with each other to prevent contamination with each other.

Dried residue unique desigh technology(prevent the solution each string)and you can freely adjust the spray,pour,bubble,artesian water rinse four alternating desighs.I believe the introduction of these two technologises will promote pathological automated production to a new level;Because of this desigh dyeing machine,the coloring effect will be the first time over hand-dyed!