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Embedding Center

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The product description

Paraffin Embedding Station

TB-718D Series combines embedding part with freezing part, Heating quickly and accurating in temperature control,operating with high quality, Its independent refrigeration table-board is symmetrically designed to satisfy different habits of using right and left hand, which embodies the concept of " People Oriented "adopted by TAIVA. It is good design connecting the advance paraffin embedding technician with high level producing,and it is an ideal working place in laboratory.

 TB-718DL 5.3L super-large capacity, be convenient for mass embedding, be presented by LCD in Chinese menu operation. Rapid heating operation, accurate temperature control, fully symmetrical design, onvenient for different habits, all these advantages, to the great extent, embody our company’s design concepts for people-oriented.

TB-718EL temperature using PID fuzzy control technology,accurate and reliable temperature control,wax cylinder seal performance.A double overheat protection,residual wax recyclable.Two pareffin sedimentation,filtration to prevent blockage or contamination of specimens; anti-power automatic process control,much of the county-level medical units of all ages.

Product characteristic:

Main melting wax cylinder temperature:50~85℃

Tissue insulation cylinder temperature:50~85℃

Cold plate temperature: 0~-20℃

Equipped with six tweezer heating holes

Power supply:AC 220V±10% 50Hz