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Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor


The product description

Fully Enclosed Tissue Processor(TC150 O)

Adopt the contact LCD as the Ul, complete Chinese captions, supporting man-machine conversation. Tissue processing system is completely airproof that prevent contaminative gas from leaking out, meeting the demand of environmental protection .Totally enclosed and without smell and pollution. Operating well for many years, reliable safety .Ingeniously flexible operating software. Controling the cost of laboratary, improving the efficiency of operating. Combining multi-functions with one unit to supply the excellent spin-drier for your laboratary .made good fittings on the base of advanced design and best technicians.

Increase global leadingskill:

10 inch TFT real colo LCD touch screen,dialog mode operating.

Imported ARM9 high speed CPU ,super-core power.

Equiping brand new auto solid changing function.

Full-procedure quality monitoring of sample processing(Processing 348 samples every time)