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     Taiva is China's largest pathology instrument manufacturers. In the world can fully independent production supplies a full range of high-end pathological instruments and consumables of one of the three companies. In the company of "escort for the department construction, make pathological general supply ability, guide and promote pathological technology development new trend in the world!" Spirit that Taiva people the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, product covers to reliance on pathological diagnosis before processing the whole process of the instruments and technical service support, and embodies the Taiva in global sole is put forward to pre - treatment expert "reading" as the core competitiveness of the thought idea, and "smarter, safer, more environmental protection" product concept.
     Tess Taiva high quality products including: pathology instrument, such as intelligent dehydrator, embedding machine, slicing machine, fast freezing microtome, rapid dehydration machine, constant temperature booth machine, constant temperature baking machine, dyeing machine, materials, specimens were refrigerators, wax block cabinets, glass cabinets……


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  • TX-1 Paraffin Trimmer

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